New York Story

Most of my days were spent wandering the busy streets exploring different districts and some of the usual tourist sites. The Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, the Empire State Building etc. etc. were all “must sees” being my first time in New York. The tourist sites were not as touristy as other tourist traps I have visited, and I found that a little disappointing. I tend to find tourist traps very amusing. Tourists buying stupid merchandise? Check! Tourists overpaying for everything around the tourist attraction? Check! Tourists eating at really bad food places? Check! How can you not love it?

One of my favourites: Walking the Brooklyn Bridge.

There were some distinct things I noticed about the hustle and the bustle of the New York crowd. New Yorkers love to jaywalk, and quite slowly at that. e.g. “I’ll walk quickly, but then I’ll just take my time and wait till the car approaches and honks at me…” They love to wear black and it wasn’t unusual to look up to see crowds forming a sea of black.  They love to prop the collar, though I think it’s a sort of east coast thing. I could be wrong.

At night-time, the city lights bring the city to life. The crisp cold air highlights the winter weather and walking through the districts littered with Christmas lights, is New York at its finest. It really felt like a Christmasy city (yes, christmasty can be a word).

Now that’s a Christmas tree: The Rockefeller Christmas tree.

This was one of my rare trips alone. I love traveling with friends, but I sometimes love traveling alone even more. With endless freedom and no set agenda, there is nothing to hold you back. Eat what you want, go where you want, and do what you want. But of course there are drawbacks. There is no one to share your adventures with, and there are many things that are just easier or more fun to do in pairs or groups. Another huge con is that you have nobody to take pictures for you. At tourist sites, you have to rely on other tourists. And if you have ever asked others to take pictures for you, you will understand how painfully awful people are at taking pictures. The best ones are the ones that they take of just YOU, and not of the background or scenery. Great photo! Now where the hell was I?

My trip wrapped up in dramatic fashion. With me running after my plane (despite having no reason to be late), I ended up missing my check in and having to bring on 3 carry on bags. As I arrived while the plane was boarding, there is nothing like a little sweat and adrenaline before a nice peaceful flight back home.


3 thoughts on “New York Story

  1. Nice to know about the adventures you been up to 🙂 So you like being one of the tourists in the tourist-traps or like watching the other tourists in the tourist-traps? :p
    I think you have a thing with (almost) missing your plane… It didnt work that well in SA, hehe. But I can so relate to travelling by myself… especially, the taking photos aspect! It’s so much worse in china cos then there was a language barrier too -_- Or maybe I was too shy cos I couldnt speak!

  2. I like watching other tourists in the traps, more so than being a tourist in the trap. Haha. I do not have a thing with almost missing my plane. I DID miss my plane in South Africa. Good times 🙂

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