We had a lot less to say to each other than I would have thought. But I think that is the way it is sometimes. I didn’t know how to properly thank him for his hospitality, his friendship and what he taught me about myself. I looked him in the eye and said “You’ve changed my life.” He replied in his often sloppy English, “You have changed my life also.” I tried not to look too shocked or emotional but I knew I was often quite bad at hiding my emotions.

“One more South African handshake…?” I remember saying. We exchanged hand shakes and ended in a hug.
“August 21st.” I remarked. It was his birthday.
“July 16th” He replied. That was mine.
“2010.” I said. We were trying to work out a way to meet up again in 2010. Winter Olympics and or World Cup 2010.
“2010.” He said.
“Just get your ass to Vancouver” I said.

The rest of the conversation was a blur and so was much of the plane ride. 22 hours later, I was approaching YVR with a pitting feeling in my stomach I have never forgotten. I was “home”, but I felt like I had little reason to be back.

The flight home


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