Best Friends

I was lying in my bed reflecting on our friendship. He had mentioned leaving for quite a while now but now it was becoming reality. Time had run out and nothing had come up for him.

Our friendship dated back to 1998, which means we had been friends for 12 years to date. Both hot-headed and competitive kids, we probably shared more back then, than we did today. Of course, we did not become friends because of what we shared, but often from what we did not share. We were very different people and in many ways, quite opposites. But it is without a doubt that my best relationships have been with people who are the very opposite of me. Interestingly enough, we hated each other prior to grade 6 and there was even one time where I tried to punch him.

Many people have friends that have gone through a lot together and for those reasons, they are good friends.  I honestly cannot say that we have gone through a lot together nor can I say we have needed to be there for each other. But at the end of the day, I owe him a lot more than he realizes. I owe him for 12 years of uncontested friendship. You cannot ask for much more.

I looked at the calendar and counted the days. It is never easy to say good-bye.

It’s the simple things that matter


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